Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing reaches customers through their mailbox

Americans are constantly glued to their phone and computer screens, so it’s easy to overlook the unique power of direct mail marketing. At FOCAL POINT MARKETING we understand the possibilities offered by direct mail marketing to get your message across to prospective customers.

Make it easier to envision

Unlike digital marketing, which reaches potential customers through screens, direct mail marketing reaches them through their mailboxes. This is an especially effective method for contractors, real estate agents, and other businesses interacting with customers in person. Physically holding an advertisement that arrived in the mail makes it easier to envision a real human being arriving at their home to do a job. 

Direct mail marketing provides space for creativity that does not exist in some forms of digital marketing (like text message marketing). Whether it’s a postcard, flyer, catalog, or letter, the only requirements for a mailer are that it identifies your business, tells customers how to contact you, and includes a call to action. Our team of direct mail marketing professionals will help you determine the best format and design for your mailer, and we’ll help you home in on the best audience to receive it.

Direct mail marketing campaign

Once you approve your mailer’s expert design, FOCAL POINT MARKETING’s in-house print production facility will print all your materials, helping you cut costs on direct mail campaigns.

Benefits include:

Encourage -2


a more interactive advertisement than the type customers scroll by online



Staying power that is impossible to achieve with a digital advertisement, especially if the mailer includes a promotion or discount that encourages the customer to keep it until they are able to use it



into customers’ nostalgia and emotional side