Omni-Channel Marketing

Digital marketing offers many different avenues to grow your business...

Every one of them confers distinct benefits. But when you combine multiple channels and mediums, the benefits are even greater. Known as omnichannel marketing, this strategy casts a wide net — integrating your owned digital channels, including your website, inbound marketing, email marketing, and social media, with your physical marketing strategies like direct mail and any physical advertising you are doing in your brick-and-mortar location or your community.

Why create an omni-channel marketing strategy?

So that your customers have a consistent, convenient, and easily adaptable experience, if they receive a coupon via email, they should be able to walk into your store and use it. If they need to order a product online, they should be able to pick it up in-store. If you help them place an order in your store, they should be able to have it shipped to them at home. This allows customers to engage with brands in their own time and on their terms without roadblocks. At FOCAL POINT MARKETING, we look at the big picture and ensure all these mediums and platforms align.

The benefits of implementing an omni-channel marketing strategy include:



customers the power to engage with your business as they want



a clear and consistent brand image



data on the ways that customers prefer to engage and interact with your business



brand awareness and recognition



the customer journey