Audience Targeting

Reach potential consumers across all devices

An effective marketing strategy puts your message where your potential customers will see it. If you are advertising on websites or platforms that your target audience doesn’t frequent, you waste time and resources. But meet your customers where they are and sales will grow.

How do we find your customers?

As a data-driven marketing agency, the team at FOCAL POINT MARKETING will analyze data from numerous sources, including third-party websites, publishers, and readers, as well as demographic information, browsing behavior, and search habits, to pinpoint where your prospective customers are spending time online. Then we examine their shared characteristics and online tendencies — like the websites and apps they use most — and apply those insights to divide your target audience into segments. Based on these audience profiles and the locations most likely to spark interest and engagement with your brand, we will identify the optimal placements for your advertisements.

Some of the ways we will do this include:

Evaluating and adjusting placements based on efficacy data.

Geo Targeting - 2


Placing ads based on geographical location

Basic SEO

Contextual Targeting

 Placing ads on websites with content related to your business

Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting

Reaching people who have recently visited your website 

Behavior Targeting

Behavior Targeting

Reaching people whose online behavior demonstrates an interest in your business or industry 

Precision Audience Targeting

Our precision audience targeting will maximize the success of your digital marketing campaign, growing your customer base.

Benefits include:



repeat business & build a new customer base



a competitive advantage & drive market share growth



brand awareness to your target audience



exposure by targeting your best audience

Drive -2


more traffic to your website and other online profiles



with your website visitors