Social and Director Profile Creation

Not every customer is going to search for you or navigate directly to your website

In most cases, prospective customers interact with a brand via other mediums, such as social media platforms, review sites and business directories, before making the decision to seek out the brand on their own. For this reason, your company’s presence on these platforms must be consistent, attention-grabbing and informative. The expert content writers and social media managers at FOCAL POINT MARKETING will help you write, format and (when necessary) design these profiles to fit all of those requirements.

An effective social or directory profile has some key elements

The description of your business must be clear and informative and include all the information customers need to contact you: your business name, location, industry and anything else that would be helpful for the reader to know at this early stage in learning about your company. For example, if you’ve been named the top real estate agent in your city or if you’ve been a family-owned and -operated business for decades, you want them to know. But from there, requirements vary based on platform and the target audience. You might go for a more casual and conversational tone on your Facebook page than you would in your city’s contractor directory. The space constraints may also change from platform to platform. These are the specifics and idiosyncrasies of profile creation that we will take care of for you.


Why is it so important to have experts help you create your profile?

Utilize -2

To Maintain

consistent, brand-conscious messaging across all platforms


To increase

traffic to your website


To enhance

your online reputation and digital footprint


To create

 opportunities to take part in conversations about your brand on different mediums