Email Marketing

Create deeper relationships with a wider audience

While direct mail marketing is a way to reach customers directly in their homes, email marketing is the digital equivalent. Email allows you to go straight to your target audience without having to rely on them scrolling by your post on social media, noticing your ad on a website or navigating directly to yours. Email marketing can target a highly specific segment of your audience with an ad, offer or promotion that is designed only for them — and then easily adjust that piece of content or advertisement to speak to a different segment of your audience.

Create the ideal targeting strategy

In crafting your email marketing campaign, FOCAL POINT MARKETING will use our data-driven approach to determine customer groupings based on income, location, age, gender and online interests and tendencies. From there, we will work with you to create the ideal targeting strategy, wording and timing of your email campaign to maximize returns. We can create flexible email designs that translate well from desktops and laptops to mobile phones, and we can even implement email automation to ensure that your emails are not being lost or overlooked.

The many perks of email marketing include

Our precision audience targeting will maximize the success of your digital marketing campaign, growing your customer base.

Increase -2


multiple templates and strategies that allow for ultra-specific audience targeting



the likelihood of repeat customers



brand and product awareness



real-time data on the needs and interests of your customer base that can inform future campaigns

Encourage -2


 a direct line of communication with customers that allows them to give feedback



a rapport and personal connection with customers