Text Message Marketing

The ability to reach customers immediately, wherever they are, could be extremely valuable for your business.

Maybe you are running a short-term promotion and you can’t afford for your message to get buried under a slew of other emails or take days to arrive by mail. In these cases, text message marketing lets you instantaneously communicate these opportunities to your customers on the device they use most often. You can even send these marketing dispatches while on the go, from your own smart phone. Or you can create text messages ahead of time and schedule them to be sent when they’ll have the greatest impact. It’s quick, easy and effective.

We know the types of advertisements, messages and promotions that draw the most engagement

At FOCAL POINT MARKETING, we know the types of advertisements, messages and promotions that draw the most engagement as a text message. What’s more, with simple designs and a short written message followed by a link, it’s super easy to collect and analyze data on the types of promotions your customers are responding to. If you are also using email marketing and direct mailers, you can compare engagement and click-through rates across different mediums to determine the best way to reach your customers that yields the highest return on investment.

Some of the numerous benefits of using text message marketing include:



customers directly via a medium with high open and engagement rates



engagement on sales and promotions thanks to the ability to send reminders



sales, revenue and ROI via a low-cost medium



customer satisfaction by sending them messaging that’s relevant and timely



customer loyalty and improving customer relationships with your brand


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